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It's time for Sheela to show you what she's made of. Here's a spoiler alert:it ain't sugar and spice like those girl-next-door types. No, Sheela is a girl that's proud to point out that she's no quivering herbivore chewing down a plate of sprouts or fry lettuce. Sheela likes her meat hot and juicy, and the best way to get to the salty center is by pulling it out with her soft lips and strong hands. When she finally feels that precious protein hit the back of her throat, she can't but smile; she know that the deposit she just swallowed will only make her stronger and faster for the next lucky guy she gets her hands on!


When Sheela gives you a handjob, she doesn't do it halfway. Most girls these days just give a few rubs, a few tugs and, if you're lucky, you'll get a kiss on the end of your dick. Sheela dives into a handjob like a real pro. First, she takes a long, lingering look into your eyes before she takes that turgid cock of yours into her hands. She wants you to know that she means business. Then she strokes it lovingly, giving the cock the respect it deserves. Everyone knows a good handjob should be as wet as possible, including Sheela. She gets the job done by tickling her own tonsils with your knob. Her mouth is endlessly deep and completely wet. Once that's taken care of, she works her hands all over your dick. She wants what you got, bub, and she's going to do everything she can to get it all over her!

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